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Meal Packaging from a Child’s Perspective

A FBC Snellville fourth-grader was interviewed after helping pack over 30,000 meals at their VBS program. We compiled their thoughts and comments into a blog post from their perspective!


On Monday I did Food Aid at VBS, and I had lots of fun! At the beginning of it Mr. Chris went on stage and talked to us. He asked who had breakfast and I said I did, and so did everyone. Then he asked us all to shout out what we had, I said I had eggs but I don’t think he heard me because there were lots of us.


Then they showed a video about the Food Aid and about how important it is, and they showed a video that taught us how to pack meals. They gave us all hairnets, which was funny, but it was because they needed to make sure our hair didn’t get in the food, but they were hard for me to put on!


We all got into lines to package food, and I had lots of friends with me, and we had so much fun! On the line with my friends I got to weigh the bags to see how much they were, because they had to be specific. My table packed so many meals, like at least 100! (in reality, her table packed ten times this!) It was lots of fun, but we also learned a lot. We learned about how we need to help others, and helping others with Food Aid made me feel really good. It’s sad that tons of kids don’t have enough to eat. But it was nice to know we were helping them have food to eat.


Mr. Chris said that because of all the food that we packed, like 80 kids will have food to eat for a whole year! (85!) That’s a lot of kids! I had so much fun that after VBS was done they were still packaging so I came back to pack even more! I hope that we get to do Food Aid again next year, it was fun and taught me a lot. If I could say anything to the orphans that will get the food, I would say “I hope you enjoy your meals!”