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First Christ Fellowship Meals Taken to Haiti

It was the largest volunteer base for a single event that food packaging had ever seen. Through twenty-six shifts across seven campuses in two different states, the Christ Fellowship Church (CFC) congregation came together with a common goal – to directly impact lives around the world; to provide hope for the hungry.

Over 15,000 individuals sacrificed their Sunday afternoons for the project, enthusiastically packing meal after meal until their goal was met. All of their hard work is now beginning to pay off, as their first team is now overseas to begin delivering the 292,000 meals that they had packaged.

Some of the meals have now been sent to New Life Children’s Home in Haiti, and others will be sent to remote villages throughout the continent of Africa. This week, a team from CFC flew to Haiti to begin delivering the meals to the New Life Children’s Home, an organization that provides full-time care for 130 boys and girls.

The children receive medical care, education, housing, and water, but the home had a need for more food. In an effort to help meet this need, CFC and Food Aid graciously took this opportunity to join their mission.

The CFC mission team has taken part in both the packing of the meals domestically, and now also the overseas delivery to the children themselves. They are excited with the opportunity they have been blessed with – not just taking meals, but taking hope to the hungry.

You too can join the mission of fighting world hunger. Everyone can be a part of the solution: young and old, rich and poor – there’s nobody that can’t join our effort. When people around the world are starving, we don’t have the luxury of time, and we don’t have the comfort of assuming someone else will feed these children. Children are starving, children are dying, and we can all join to combat this issue. Whether you’re part of a church or organization that would like to host an event; whether you’re an individual able to make a donation to Food Aid’s efforts; whether you’re someone who’s just looking to help us spread the word or share our mission, anyone and everyone has a role to play in putting an end to world hunger.

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