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Be a Part of the Difference.

Do you believe that one person can change the world? Well, we do!

Here at Food Aid International, we whole-heartedly believe that anyone, anywhere has the ability to impact the world around us. And yes, that includes you!

When we first joined the fight against poverty and world hunger, we knew it would be a war we could not wage on our own. Since our genesis, we have relied on our partnerships with individuals, churches, businesses, schools, and other organizations to save lives throughout the nations.

In a world where 16,000 children die every single day due to hunger, no one can afford to be a bystander. Here at Food Aid International, we aim to give you the opportunity to have a life-saving, worldwide impact.

Now, many people assume that there’s nothing they can do to influence a problem as massive as world hunger. Nonetheless, we assure you that anyone, anywhere has the ability to impact the world around us, and here are a few ways that you can get plugged in. Whether it’s raising the funds, packing the meals, or spreading the word, anyone can help!


Some people, businesses, and organizations are blessed to be able to donate at will to charities of their choice – however, this is an avenue of involvement that many cannot take. But most of us are plugged in with organizations that can raise contributions in a creative way! We have seen individuals, churches, and school clubs come together with great ideas that have led to huge amounts of meals being packed and shipped. Carwashes, bake sales, competitions – you name it. When there’s a cause like fighting world hunger behind it, you’ll be surprised by the overwhelming support you’ll find in your community! Looking to raise funds for a donation? Head over to our page at!


Food Aid’s primary source of meals over the years has been meal-packaging events – where a group as little as 25 and as large as 15,000 come together to package and box the meals that will be shipping out to those in need, both here in the States and across the world. And teenagers – don’t feel like this as a task too big for you: we’ve had plenty of 15 and 16 year-olds spearhead food-packaging events. Interested in hosting an event? Head to our website’s homepage at to find more information on how to do so!


Last but most certainly not least, Food Aid needs people that believe in our cause to spread the word about what we do! Just about everyone knows that world hunger is a colossal issue, but very few are connected to organizations that would give them the opportunity to fight it. Food Aid makes an effort to increase awareness of malnutrition, but this is an easy way for everyone to get plugged in! Follow us on Facebook on our ‘Food Aid International’ page, follow us on Twitter @Food_Aid, and give us a shout out! Use resources from to educate yourself, and then educate others!

In a world where 16,000 children die every single day due to hunger, the only solution is for all of us to work together. There is hope for the hungry. And we want you to help us bring them that hope.